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Trudeau’s Vaccine Failure

For months now, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has blamed everyone for Canada’s trickle of COVID-19 vaccines but himself. This is what Justin Trudeau’s vaccine failure

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Axe the Carbon Tax!

Sign my petition if you oppose Justin Trudeau’s plan to increase the carbon tax from $30 to $170 by 2030 (a 566% increase over 10

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There is no question that this Liberal government has wreaked havoc on Western Canada’s energy industry. Since they were first elected in 2015, several major

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Regina City Council Motion an Insult to Workers

In the middle of a pandemic, several city councilors have foisted an additional layer of financial uncertainty on the good people of Regina. By proposing an amendment to ban companies who produce fossil fuels from donating to city events, these city councilors have sacrificed the interests of their community to promote their radical anti-energy stance.

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COVID-19 Survey

Please take some time to fill out my COVID-19 survey. Let me know which issues matter most to you! To take the survey, please click the Read More button below.

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Liberal Firearms Ban Survey

Do you agree with Prime Minister Trudeau’s firearms ban? On May 1, 2020 Prime Minister Trudeau announced that without a discussion, debate or vote in

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