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9 hours ago
Warren Steinley

WATCH: I was proud to speak to our Conservative motion demanding that Trudeau and Singh scrap their mean-spirited and out-of-touch Carbon Tax 1 and Carbon Tax 2

#cdnpoli #CostlyCoalition #carbontax #PierrePoilievre #Pierre4PM #pp4pm Pierre Poilievre Conservative Party of Canada - Parti conservateur du Canada
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Thank you for standing for 'all' Canadians

Show us the paperwork that PROVES that the carbon tax is revenue neutral. All these carbon taxes do is pick the pockets of EVERY Canadian who pays bills, or shops for groceries and merchandise. Prices increase because businesses don’t get rebate cheques; which means every Canadian is paying MORE +the carbon taxes +the extra GST ON these carbon taxes. The winds will blow, no matter how much money the government collects… the government has no power over the natural workings of our planet.


Congratulation Beautiful debate

Why did STEVEN HARPER wanted us to wait until age 67 to collect OAS ? REMEMBER NAFTA ? I WILL NEVER VOTE CONSERVATIVE. PERIOD.

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10 hours ago
Warren Steinley
Happy Pride Month. Freedom means freedom for everyone. #skpoli #cdnpoli

Happy Pride Month. Freedom means freedom for everyone. #skpoli #cdnpoliHappy #PrideMonth as we celebrate the freedom to be who you are and love who you choose.

Seventy countries around the world continue to criminalize homosexuality, and in more than a dozen — the punishment is the death penalty.

The commitment to uphold the rights of LGBT people globally, their right to life, freedom & safety, is our renewed challenge. Canada should be a safe haven. 🇨🇦🏳️‍🌈

Freedom means freedom for everyone. Pride is for everyone.#HappyPrideMonth #cdnpoli
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Does it mean freedom to mutilate and chemically castrate children in the name of trans ideology, Warren? What about the freedom to bully a Catholic school board for not flying the pride flag or vandalizing their buildings for not letting teachers take students to see drag queens behind their parents' backs?

2 days ago
Warren Steinley
Pretty awesome to have Nickson out playing some Conservative Party of Canada - Parti conservateur du Canada hockey tonight. He even set up John Barlow, MP Foothills for a few goals tonight. 😀

Pretty awesome to have Nickson out playing some Conservative Party of Canada - Parti conservateur du Canada hockey tonight. He even set up John Barlow, MP Foothills for a few goals tonight. 😀 ... See MoreSee Less

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Well done Nickson!

Way to go, Nickson! Probably showed up your dad… 🤭😂

Awesome!! Love his jersey!!

Nice team

Brilliant! Next help beat the TRUDEAU/SINGH syndicate that just ended FREE SPEECH in Canada!!


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2 days ago
Warren Steinley

Justin Trudeau is recklessly trying to pull the wool over Canadians eyes.

WATCH Pierre Poilievre take him to task LIVE in Question Period - May 31, 2023

#cdnpoli #PierrePoilievre #questionperiod #debate #conservative #ConservativeParty
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We will never stop fighting back against Trudeau's senseless and unfair CARBON TAX. Sign our petition to AXE THE CARBON TAX! warrensteinley.com/axe-the-carbon-tax-2/

Foreign interference, foreign police stations, as far as I'm concerned he's a foreign Prime Minister because his heart is in his wallet of foreign dictators and elite lobbyists.

Ya right…. Trudeau step down now- your just embarrassing yourself now

Stop calling him a prime minister … he is not qualified.

Step down drama boy. Canadians from coast to coast to coast loathe you.

The Lie beral caucus is pathetic. They just sit on their hands. And the Speaker is the worst in history. He is some kind of sick joke.

He gave them tax payers money for them to operate, but it's the RCMP fault they are operating and not Trudeau or any liberal fault, nothing but liberal lies

Jt will never be forgiven by God. His role in this time is pure evil and it’s in his genetics of psycho mom and communist legitimate father

This clown can't just answer a simple question.

So, clearly there are more than the ones we are aware of. Otherwise, he would offer the number

There is nothing honorable or right about this buffoon..he's a liar and a crook

Trudeeee do you know what are you talking about? Nooooo Canadiens don't understand what are you talking about 🤪🤪🤪🙈

maybe the speaker should tell the PM to actually answer the question

ANSWER THE EFFING QUESTION FOR ONCE!! #trudeauisdestroyingcanada

Worst pm in Canadian history. You suck...I would have fired you long ago if I could have had the ability.

Why did these Chinese Police Stations get Canadian Dollars to set up and why?

He stands & faces Canadians & lies.

China police station in Montreal rcmp what are they doing to close arrest them maybe the quebec province police should take over get them closed arrested China police station

Satan is deflecting as usual and babbling incoherently.

If the roles were reversed and the pc government was benefitting from interference, I have no doubt those questions would be answered and the liberals would have that info out into the Canadian public domain. King trudy needs to be ousted from his throne now

Little Potato is suddenly concerned about democracy. I’ve often wondered what it would take - for Canadians to finally be fed up with the “Laurentian Mafia”. They are often referred to as the “Laurentian Elite”. There’s certainly nothing elite about them. This farce with David Johnson is another example of this on-going corruption. It’s disgusting.

Trudeau has done nothing about interference until leaks 2 years later and other MPs were informed there were threats against them

Make the liberals answer questions Anthony Rota. Do your dam job!

Dishonorable Trudeau liar liberals have to answer to Canadians.

All those foreign police stations interfering should be sent back to their countries and not allowed back.

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3 days ago
Warren Steinley

The Liberals just wont let Canadians catch a break.

While many are falling further behind from the first Carbon Tax, Justin Trudeau and his #carbontaxcoalition are rushing to slap a second Carbon Tax on Canadians!

Enough is Enough! Stop burdening Canadians!!

#carbontax #carbontaxtwo #agriculture #cdnpoli #cdnag #Pierre4PM Pierre Poilievre #PierrePoilievre #pp4pm #ndpliberalcoalition #CostlyCoalition #Saskatchewan #canada #AlwaysonSaskatchewansSide
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Really, your answer is for the farmer who can’t afford the carbon tax on fuel is to go out and buy new equipment? You really are special!

Keep pushing….there will be a breaking point the people will not tolerate much more!

Canadians need to sue Trudeau for destroying their lives. Let me see, roughly 15 million did not vote for him. If we all invested $10, $150 million would buy some great lawyers to do it

Carbon tax the Wealthiest to hell ,they are paying far less than most Canadians like the Trumps of Wealthiest

trudeau--enviroment minister and immigration minister need to be detained and put on trial

500 climate scientists cannot ALL be wrong when they tell us that the carbon dioxide in our atmosphere only accounts for 0.04% of the ingredients. Plants will die if that number drops to 0.02%. There IS NO CLIMATE CRISIS!! Cancel the carbon taxes!! P.S. everyone in our house is skipping meals, and the neighbours are sending their kids to school for breakfast. When those who donate to the food banks can no longer afford to; then what? Is this government really planning on starving us?

Conservatives are going to kill with Privatization of Healthcare and put Trillions into pockets of Galins and Insurances and Pharmaceutical and Only Wealthiest

I thought liberal was 3rd icarbon tax !

Just more bull shit and misinformation from a whiny right wing conservative

Throw the bastards out in the stree God dam clowns just pathetic little common gutter trash wef boot licking fools

How about you tell Moe to put re newable energy in place instead of him wasting tax payers money on private Christian schools.

Your doing shit lots of talk but that’s it

Easily the most corrupt government in Canadian history... and the cruelest.

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3 days ago
Warren Steinley

WATCH Pierre Poilievre GRILL Trudeau on Foreign Interference - LIVE - 30/05/23

#cdnpoli #PierrePoilievre #questionperiod #foreigninterference
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We will never stop fighting back against Trudeau's senseless and unfair CARBON TAX. Sign our petition to AXE THE CARBON TAX! warrensteinley.com/axe-the-carbon-tax-2/

Attack??? Lol

Give a yes or no this is what a dictator does we as Canadians have to vote him out. Let’s get together united.

We will find out what you are hiding !!! We always do !!

Ummm....did he just admit to election interference going on for decades!?!?

Step down Justin step down

You go Pierre get him all he does cover up

When Trudeau's lips are moving, you know he is lying !!!!

Every time his lips are moving.He is lying

Truedope keeps mentioning Canada's Intelligence....But..our 3 best allies don't trust Truedope or Canada's Intelligence service...He's too close to China....

Let’s build a healthy Canada and thriving economy together

#TrudeauMustGoNow #jagmeetsinghmustgonow

Justin, You are attacking our democracy!

Trudeau your lying and trashing,you hiding something

#TrudeauMustResign #trudeaucrimeminister Time to use force and remove him

He attacks the criminals

Get that on fight or boat to China!

The only ignorance in that room is the liberals and ndp Tired of the lies out of Trudeau government

Justin seems to have forgotten he is supposed to serve the Canadian people… he has failed miserably. He needs to be removed

Canada 🇨🇦 needs a No confidence vote as soon as possible!!!!

Interesting but all I know is either way we're F*CKED SO ENJOY YOUR BEST LIFE!!

Dishonorable Trudeau needs to answer to Canadians not Pierre Pollivue

The only ignorant one is you JT and the rest of your LYING team! If you like China so much take your entourage with you and GET OUT of Canada!!!!!

Right honorable p-m 😂🤣😂

Buddy slow Moron! Your a proven Criminal for many years its time we drag you away in CHAINS

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