Scheer Condemns Illegal Blockades

Scheer Condemns Illegal Blockades

Honourable Andrew Scheer, Leader of Canada’s Conservatives and of the Official
Opposition, condemned the illegal blockades happening across the country and
called for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to do the same.

“People have a right to make their views known. They have a right to protest.
But the rule of law in this country must be upheld. No one person’s opinion is
more important than the rule of law and due process,” Scheer said.

“These activists are trampling over the rights of commuters to get to work or
pick up their kids. They are trampling over the rights of small businesses
receiving shipments on time. They are trampling on the rights of energy workers
by preventing them from doing an honest day’s work. These illegal blockades
must stop,” he added.

Scheer also blasted Justin Trudeau’s refusal to call out the activists while
taking questions from reporters in Africa.

“It has been Trudeau’s approach to the energy sector that has emboldened people
to take these kinds of actions. His refusal to condemn people breaking the law
and violating court injunctions will only make the problem worse. He had an
opportunity to act like a Prime Minister, instead he was afraid to call out
illegal behavior,” Scheer concluded.

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