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Liberal Firearms Ban Survey

Liberal Firearms Ban Survey

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Do you agree with Prime Minister Trudeau's firearms ban?

On May 1, 2020 Prime Minister Trudeau announced that without a discussion, debate or vote in Parliament, the Liberals will use a procedural tactic called an order-in-council (OIC) that directs this ban from Prime Minister Trudeau’s desk through his Cabinet into law. This ban immediately makes it illegal to use 1,500 types of firearms, including over 120,000 firearms that are currently legally owned in Canada. 

Do you agree with the Prime Minister's firearms ban?
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Next Steps

Please take a minute to email the Prime Minister and Minister of Public Safety, or call their offices to let them know how you feel about their unilateral actions:

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau – 613-992-4211 or

Public Safety Minister Bill Blair – 613-991-2924 or

And be sure to cc me at when you email so I know what you said!

Details on the Liberal gun ban can be found here:

Thank you

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